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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  April 5, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> melissa: thank you for watching. i will see you at 4 p.m. on fox business. harris will be back here in the seat monday. the daily briefing starts now. >> dana: daily briefing starts now. three big stories. we are waiting for president trump to arrive at the u.s./mexico border in california, where he says a lot of very positive things are happening. and joe biden finally opening up, saying he knows he has to change the way he campaigns and interacts with women, but he is not sorry for his intention. plus it's friday, tyrus must be here. let's talk sports. hello, everyone, i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." joe biden trying to turn the page on the troefrp surrounding him this week, making his first public remark since several women came forward accusing him
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of inappropriate behavior. >> it is important that i and everyone else is aware that any woman or man who feels uncomfortable should have the right to just say, hey, i'm uncomfortable with that. i'm sorry i didn't understand more. i'm not sorry for any of my intentions. i'm not sorry for anything that i have ever done. i have never been disrespectful intentionally to a man or a woman. that's not the reputation that i have had since i was in high school, for god sake. >> dana: biden all spoke about his plans for a potential presidential bid in 2020. >> i am very close to making a decision to stand before you all relatively soon. >> weeks, days?
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>> what's the holdup? >> what's the holdup? putting everything together. even if i knew for certain that i was going to run for president back at thanksgiving, my intention would be the last person to announce. >> dana: let's bring in chris stirewalt, fox news editor. i know you're in kansas city. good to get out of washington, d.c. what do you think about joe biden's attempt to deal with this today, finally? >> i think he had a good day today. i think he needed to do that. look, the defining feature of our current moment as a culture, as a nation, is outrage. they stir up. they storm you. they come after you. things get crazy quickly. how you deal with them is defining for a politician. joe biden is facing an outrage
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mob, stoked by donald trump, too, who is trying to hobble biden before he gets into the race. what biden did today, there you heard him talking to reporters, but when he was on stage he made a joke. he hugged his coach. >> dana: we have that. let's play that sound about him joking about the hugging. >> i just want you to know i had permission to hug lonnie. [ laughter ] i don't know. he gave me permission to touch him. [ laughter ] >> dana: okay. so he's trying to tackle it in a humorous way. will that work? >> sure. here's the thing. it is true that we have become a culture of moral imbiciles. we know there's a difference between what people do, the
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evil, mal intent. these are women who made me feel like i was being condescended to. that's different from sexual assault. joe biden is saying, look, yeah. i'm an idiot. got it. understood. i'm going to try to do better from here. the key thing, he's not giving into the outrage mob. he is not saying, i'm a terrible person and i'm sorry. >> dana: basically he said that he was trying to get everything put together. we do anticipate he will announce sometime in the next week or two. this is what he said about president trump at these remarks. watch this. >> this president wages war on twitter and insults his opponents, attacks our most important institutions, the courts, the press, the congress. enflames our nation's oldest wounds of racism, hate.
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the rest of the world's passing us by. this country can't afford more years of a president looking to settle personal scores. this country can't afford four more years of a president's lack in the past. >> dana: so, chris, i want to ask you two things. is that his opening argument? and, two, he makes this announcement today at this speech, on the day that the economy shows once again some really strong numbers. >> so, if i was joe biden watching howard schultz at our town hall last night, i would have said, uh-oh, we got a problem here. because what joe biden ultimately is selling is a return to normalcy, return to decency, a return to civility that we can be okay, that we can treat each other with respect and kindness and have it be all right and still address important issues. i heard that from howard schultz last night. joe biden has to be aware that that's a real danger for him and
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his approach. so i think when you're hearing him talk about how we act towards each other, the conduct that we use when we engage with each other politically and how we do stuff, i think that's a very important issue for him. it's a very important issue to the voters who matter most to him. people in the subpush, across the u.s. those are the voters who matter for joe biden. he can't let howard schultz or someone else take him away. >> dana: what's the mood in kansas city? >> i have done some field work. i think my visit to joe's barbecue shortly will probably be what really brings that in. that will really cement my hard hitting research of the american electorate will happen today probably over ribs. >> dana: you have to let us know how those are. chris stirewalt, thank you. >> you bet. >> dana: president trump is set to arrive this hour at california's southern border while issuing a new warning to mexico. this coming after he eased up on
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shutting down the border. this is what he told reporters moments before he took off. >> i never changed my mind at all. i may shut it down at some point, but i'd rather do tariffs. so mexico, i have to say, has been very very good. we know that. over the last four days, since i talked about shutting down the border. if they continue that, everything will be fine. if they don't, we're going to tariff their cars at 25%. >> dana: why did the president chose colexico for this par sector has seen a 97% surge in the apprehensions of family units over the last fiscal year. just a huge increase. the main reason president trump is coming here is but a the white house is calling this the first finished section of the president's border wall. so much so that there's even a plaque with his name on it on the border wall.
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now, the original wall was built back in the 1990s and plans for replacement began during the obama administration. it wasn't funded until president trump took office. so he's coming here to see it for himself. there was a lot of concern that president trump might use this trip to announce that he was going to be there. ultimately president trump decided not to do that, at least for now. i'll let him explain why. >> mexico has been absolutely terrific for the last four days. they're apprehending everybody. yesterday, they apprehended 1400 people. the day before was 1,000. that's a big home run. we can handle it from there. it's really good. now, congress has to act. >> reporter: president trump is also going to be using this trip to pressure congress to finally pass some kind of meaningful
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comprehensive immigration reform, dana. >> dana: we'll see. thank you very much for that report from the border. we'll keep in touch with you especially this hour as he lands there in california. new signs of a strong economy as employers add more jobs. were fears of a lowdown overflow? that's a question i wanted to put to you. >> we've got a great jobs report in march. 196,000 jobs added. much better than february. we need to point out though that february was tough but an of the weather, because of the partial government shutdown. that will weigh heavily on the numbers. this is almost like a calm that we needed to ease the concerns that we were heading in a downturn. you're seeing those numbers. also seeing numbers steady at 3.8%. we hit a record. 102 months straight, consecutive months where we add jobs to the economy. we're all seeing strength in wage growth. march was a little weaker than february, but if you compare
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march versus last year, we're getting more money. you and i and everybody else can go shopping and spend some money on some goods. overall this shows that the economy is still chugging along despite the weakness we are seeing overseas. >> dana: so the federal reserve, i read it and i try to reread it. why is the president agitated with the federal reserve? >> he believes the federal reserve should go ahead and cut interest rates. because last year they increased interest rates four times. when you do that, that starts to make debt more expensive. he weighed in earlier today. listen to what he had to say ab the federal reserve. >> i personally think the fed should drop rates. i think they really slowed us down. there's no inflation. >> we just talked about a strong economy. so why would you do that? there's many reasons. you can say it's going to boost the economy. you can say it is a good time because the election is coming
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forward. analysts are saying that's not necessarily a good move because you'll artificially inflate stocks. you'll increase the debt level. that can hurt the economy in the long run. you want the federal reserve to remain independent. that's the concern that a lot of people are talking about. come part of partisan politics. >> dana: it is interesting. great news for the american economy. >> you look at the jobs report. talk about interest rate cuts. that's a different story. >> dana: let's focus on the american economy as a whole. after our big town hall with howard schultz we learned a few things. including how he orders his own coffee. and boeing's ceo is speaking out about how the pilots performed on the doomed ethiopian airlines flight. >> we at boeing are sorry for the lives lost in the recent 737 max accident. these tragedies continue to weigh heavily on our hearts and minds. i'd like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans,
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>> dana: the boeing ceo shared a video message with his response and gave new insight on what these crashes have in common. jeff flock is live in chicago. we're hearing the flight control system was not the only issue for that plane. what's the other problem? >> absolutely. yes, apparently a second software issue, this is not associated with that problem that has been implicated in the crashes. look at the headlines. it's the second problem. it is separate from the anti-stall system. and it affects the flight control hardware. now, boeing has admitted to
11:17 am
this. they say, however, it was a, quote, relatively minor problem. according to the wall street journal, quoting someone close to the investigation, it is essential to getting the boeing 737 max back in the air, which is something the company is eager to do. >> dana: help me understand the apology. is boeing taking responsibility for the crashes? >> well, to paraphrase bill clinton perhaps, that depends on what the meaning of the word responsibility is. on one hand, yes, it was an apology, we're sorry. they did indicate in both a video and written statement yesterday, the ceo of boeing, saying that, yes, there was a problem with a sensor that led to the crashes. here's how he put it. >> it's apparent that in both flights the maneuvering characteristics system activated in response to erroneous angle of attack information. >> reporter: however, dana, in
11:18 am
the next breath, he suggested that perhaps the pilots could have done something to avert the crash even though there was that bad day tka and the sensor putting bad information into the computer causing a problem. they're taking full responsibility, i suppose that would be a smart thing for a company to do, but at this point we don't know. >> dana: jeff flock, thank you. have a good weekend. next, actor jussie smollett refusing to pay up. what the city of chicago plans to do for it. plus a person who claimed to be a kidnapping victim grown up turns out to be an imposter. watch this. >> i think there were sufficient relatively quickly for no other than than he declined a statement. let's see, aleve is proven better on pain
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>> dana: city of chicago plans to sue jussie smollett. police say he staged a hate crime. the city isn't having it sending
11:23 am
smollett a large bill for the cost of the investigation, but he says he won't pay. mike tobin is following all of this from chicago. mike? >> reporter: dana, the smollett legal team is defiant as the city prepares to sue. the suit is an attempt to recover costs rung up by investigators checking out smollett's claim that he was attacked. a letter from attorney mark geragos said the smollett team will demand depositions from rahm emanuel and eddie johnson. the letterepayment of investiga costs is unconstitutional. the original letter from the city requesting repayment from smollett demands more than $130,000 and threatens if smollett did not pay by the deadline, the city could hit him for up to three times that amount. deadline was yesterday. smollett did not play. police chiefs in chicago suburbs are calling for kim foxx to step down. it's her office that dropped
11:24 am
charges against smollett. they say the smollett case is one of many that foxx failed to prosecute. the president of the fraternal order of police say they are upset over cases when cops are injured. >> officers are coming into my office who have a broken kneecap, one almost had their finger bit off. we can't get felony charges? our officers are not punching bags. >> reporter: of all the people to show up in kim foxx corner, rahm emanuel said she should not step down because she was democratically elected but she should answer questions. >> dana: thank you. on another story, justice department review finding prisoners in alabama have been objected to horrifying conditions behind bars. the report describing a regular violence and sexual assault going as far as to say people are being murdered on a regular basis. jonathan serry is following this for us. >> reporter: the justice department is threatening to file a suit against the state of
11:25 am
alabama unless it sees improvement beginning sometime in the next 49 days. this comes after a two year investigation found excessive amount of violent sexual abuse and prisoner deaths, suggesting prison homicides are under reported. according to the doj, there are numerous instances where alabama department of corrections incident report classified deaths as due to natural causes when the deaths were likely caused by prisoner on prisoner violence. justice department said alabama prisoners feel they need to carry weapons for self-defense, weapons like this home made sword found in 2017. and the doj said the number of prisoners it interviews that were involved in stabbing incidents was, quote, overwhelming. >> dana: this is obviously extremely disturbing. i'm sure the state of alabama has something to say. what are they saying? >> reporter: state of alabama officials say they are taking
11:26 am
this report very seriously and they've already begun implementing changes to address these serious problems. this includes funding for new facilities to reduce overcrowding and efforts to hire and retain correction staff. in a letter to the doj, the governor writes, over the coming months, my administration will be working closely with doj to ensure that our mutual concerns are addressed and that we remain steadfast in our commitment to public safety, making certain that this alabama problem has an alabama solution. governor ivy said the state's prison system is also working to improve mental health, as well as implementing programs to reduce the chances of sexual assault in these prison facilities dana. >> dana: all right, jonathan serry, thank for that. you know the old saying. you are what you read. so what are some favorite reads? our campaign trail mix is next. plus joe biden trying to clear a
11:27 am
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>> dana: welcome back. my new favorite part of the show, my campaign trail mix. it includes a road trip, a town hall and book list. peter doocy is ready to break it all down for us. peter? >> reporter: dana, beto o'rourke might end up being the candidate preferred by hertz and enterprise, because he doesn't let campaign staff drive him around. the democratic candidate from texas is constantly spotted behind the wheel himself of rental cars, which is making experienced campaign operatives very queasy. ed repb tkel quoted as saying if the candidate hit someone and hurt someone campaign over. if the candidate drives and
11:32 am
wrecks a car, campaign teetering. there is no official campaign for howard schultz but he was spotted by our stage manager inside a starbucks yesterday paying for a cup of coffee at the company he used to own with the starbucks app. is trying to clear the air about a potential controversy like his decision to sell the seattle supersonic which would then move to oklahoma, leaving some seattle fans bitter that they don't have a team anymore. >> $52 million. >> that's not accurate. >> reporter: then there's pete buttigieg who is not only writing he is reading. mayor pete said a book he would want with him if stranded on a desert island. the odyssey, the quiet american, armageddon averted and naive
11:33 am
super. that's the author, the last one, erland lowe whose books are published in norwegian. he wanted to read them so bad he just learned how to speak norwegian. dana. >> dana: of course he did. peter doocy, have a great weekend. joe biden making his first public appearance since a number of women complained about his behavior. the former vice president addressing the controversy while hinting at his plans for 2020. watch this. >> i was never labeled a moderate. if you look at my record with the aclu, my record with all of the traditional liberal organizations, i have never walked away from. i'm not sure when everybody el came out and said they are for gay marriage. i'm not sure when everyone talked about a lot of the things i have talked about. my point is, the definition of progressive now seems to be changing. >> dana: joining me now, karl
11:34 am
rove former deputy white house chief of staff for president george w. bush and donna brazile. karl, did barack obama, the former president, ever think joe biden was a moderate? >> well, first of all, let me say greetings in norwegian. >> dana: thank you. of course you can. >> mayor pete. norwegian american. look, i think he picked him primarily because he had foreign policy experience and long washington experience. i don't think whether he was a moderate or liberal came into play. by the standards of the time he served in congress, he was a liberal. by the standards of today, he's slightly less liberal because the democratic party has moved to the left. >> dana: he addressed that in remarks outside the venue. listen to that. donna, i'll have you respond. >> the party should welcome this
11:35 am
what i don't know how you want to characterize it, the progressive left. we should have a debate ab these things. that's not a bad thing. but the idea all of a sudden the democratic party woke up and everybody asks what kind of democrat -- i'm a joe biden democrat. i'm proud of it. >> dana: donna, your thoughts? >> well, first of all, i don't see a movement in one particular direction. what i do see is an opportunity to address so many issues that liberals and progressives believe to have been left off the table. they want to have a seat at the table to have a discussion on a wide range of issues, from the environment to economic inequality. they want to address climate change. they want to see how we can insure more americans. i don't see it as a direction. what's happening is that we see a new generation of democrats who believe that it's time to discuss these very important issues. >> dana: let me ask you then on
11:36 am
the politics of it all. karl, how do you think this week has gone for the former vice president? obviously there's been several women who have come forward, saying they felt uncomfortable, that he inappropriately touched them. today he joked about it inside the venue. he said he took it seriously outside. what do you think? >> first of all, let me say the governor of louisiana is not endorsing medicare for all, university wage and has not endorsed the green new deal. look, with regard to joe biden, in politics, as you know, you want to respond to these things quickly and definitively early. this broke on friday. it really took it until wednesday before he had a good statement and video. it would have been better for him had he spent sunday, monday, doing the things he said. at the end of the day he's got this right.
11:37 am
you'll notice when he made the joke about having permission to hug his host at the union convention today, the place roared in laughter. this is a little bit over the top. >> dana: donna, what about you? >> karl, you know i have to respond. my god is pro life, pro god. he expanded medicade for people in louisiana. we're a big ten party. i appreciate all of the different leaders within my party. i thought today, what joe biden said outside was far better than what he said on the inside. for women, this is not a joking matter. for men, it should not be a joking matter. it is a very serious matter. the me too movement has been out there for the last two years trying to educate people that it is inappropriate to do this. so i think the vice president got it right at the end. he should have said that in the room with all of those men who cheered him on. i think he needed to understand that women want him to say that
11:38 am
every day until men, as well as other people, get it right. that we don't want people inappropriately touching us and making us feel uncomfortable. >> dana: i don't have time to pull up the quote but peggy noonan writes in the online journal that she's encouraging joe biden not to run, karl. she's saying the new democratic party will chew him up. that the party has changed. he's done a lot in his life, but she's basically saying you shouldn't do it. do you think he's full bore ahead? >> it sounds like it. i understand that argument. it's not up to me or anybody other than joe biden as to whether or not he wants to run. if the spirit's in him, god bless him, let him get into the race and go after it. the democratic party. we have five democratic candidates i think the number is who were born after joe biden was elected to the united states senate from delaware in 1972. >> dana: donna, i'll give you
11:39 am
the last word. >> i agree with karl on this. it is up to the vice president and his family. i do believe if he decides to get into the race, there's a lane for him and path to the nomination. it is a different party. i think if he decides to run, he better get in there, take off his coat and get ready to rumble. it is a very captivating party. >> dana: great to have you both here. thank you. >> thanks. >> dana: federal prosecutors in cincinnati taking new legal action against the man who came forward to identify himself as a boy missing for eight years. the fbi now saying the man is actually a convicted felon just out of jail. the discovery, heart breaking news for the family of timothy pitsman. matt flynn has more for news chicago. >> reporter: we have now revealed this is the third time the man has lied to police about being the victim of juvenile sexual trafficking. he refused to be fingerprinted but did allow a swab to be taken
11:40 am
for dna. that's how police confirmed he is a known felon just released from prison march 7th. police responded to 911 calls for a suspicious teen on wednesday in newport, kentucky. that's when this 23-year-old man claimed to be the boy who went missing in 2011, when he was 6 years old. on wednesday, police took him to the hospital for stomach pains. he claimed he was 14, escaped from a motel. in the hospital, this man was warned about making false statements but stuck to his story. law enforcement confronted him with his dna results. that's when he confessed he learned of missing timmothy pitzen from a tv show. >> as a father, my hear goes out to the family of this victim. any additional pain this indent may have caused them. we caution that people making
11:41 am
false claims can and will face criminal penalties for their false information. >> reporter: he is in custody with a bond hearing set for tuesday. >> dana: thank you. so, how did you really feel about social media? we have a brand new poll that tries to answer that question. >> my campaign for president now and the last campaign is about demanding that we have a government that represents all of us, not just the 1%. >> dana: bernie sanders going hard at president trump. we're live at the annual action network convention where some 2020dems are making their pitch. follow us on social media at daily briefing.
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>> i'm ed henry in for shepard smith. a live look from california, where president trump has just landed on his way to the southern border. we're expecting to hear from the president after he said he's not ruling out closing the border down at some point in the future. we'll have it for you live on shepard smith reporting. >> dana: thumbs down to social media. in a new nbc wall street journal poll, they said they really like tpeus facebook and twitter and other platforms. nearly 60% call it divisive. 60% don't trust facebook at all to protect personal information. so will people stop using it? i guess we'll see. several 2020 democratic contenders taking their message to an audience of minority voters today.
11:47 am
bernie sanders, kamala harris among those speaking at the national conference. >> reporter: hi, dana. look, reverend jesse jackson is speaking right now. what i can say, every 2020 presidential candidate who spoke to black voters at this convention agreed on two things. one, they would support a bill from congress woman sheila jackson that would start a commission providing reparations to african-americans. number two, they also said they would reform the criminal justice system and end mass incarceration. a dozen of the presidential candidates have stopped here this week. it's the actual action network convention hosted by the reverend al sharpton. the goal is to introduce these candidates to a vital voting block for democrats, black americans. one of those candidates is the only black female running for office. that is senator kamala harris.
11:48 am
she spoke a couple hours ago. take a listen. >> when this country incarcerates more people than any other country, america must admit it has a problem of mass incarceration. we have a criminal justice system that is deeply flawed, an urgent need of reform. >> reporter: she, of course, was the former attorney general in california. also speaking today senator bernie sanders, who had direct attacks for president trump and also senator elizabeth warren, who talks about empowering black women. take a listen. >> trump is a man who, as you know, has said he believes those nazis and supremists in charlottesville are very fine women. >> black women are more likely to be bread winners for their family, are more likely to work more, are more likely to get paid less and are the least likely to be able to afford
11:49 am
decent child care. >> reporter: the latest fox news polling, dana, shows that president trump had a disapproval rating with african-americans at 88%. democrats here clearly trying to capitalize on that. >> dana: out of all of them, who won over the crowd the most? >> reporter: ironically, it was the nonpresidential contenders. yesterday stacey abrams won over the crowd. so much so that at one point the crowd started chanting "run stacey run." she said she hasn't decided yet whether she will. today the rock star of the group alexandria ocasio-cortez, speaking about the green new deal and bringing justice to minorities and the working class. lots of phones came out, dana. crowd really enjoyed her. >> dana: i'm gland you were there to bring us the story. history set to be made this weekend at wrestlemania when women face off in the main
11:50 am
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>> dana: fox news alert. president trump has arrived in california. he's soon going to visit the border. he has been talking about immigration all week. last weekend, talked about shutting the border down. he backed off of that a little bit. but there's big problems there the homeland security secretary coming back from london and heading to the border in el paso. you can see the president there shaking hands and we can't hear him, but we will keep an eye on it and an ear. if we get anything from him, we'll bring it to you, of course. next, a big event in
11:55 am
professional wrestling is this weekend. wrestlemania 35. for the first time ever, women will be at the top of the card. a three-wait title man with rhonda rousey and charlotte flair. i'm joined by tyrus from fox nation and professional wrestler. you appeared at wrestlemania 28. >> i was at four wrestlemanias. this is what makes me proud of being a wwe alumni. these young women have earned it. why not? the crowd will love it. >> they talk about in terms of winning. charlotte flair said we're going to give divas a chance. we got the opportunity. we have delivered time and time again proving the audience is connecting with the stars on an individual level. i don't think we would be here without that. >> i was brodus clay.
11:56 am
trinity and niaomi was a star. she had some great moments. the wrestling is about family and friends having a good time. this is fine and great. this is not a gift. >> she said they earned it. >> it's not like we have to do something for the pc police or whatever. they earned it. john gave me this hat. >> any loot? >> no. >> it's a size 8. but this is good for everybody. good luck, ladies. >> yeah, i want to ask you about march madness, not the sports part but the wedding part. kyle guy a virginia basketball player. he's getting married. there was a kerfuffle.
11:57 am
watch this. >> that was crazy. that's illegal. that's what a registry is for, is -- yeah, ncaa said it was illegal. i'm not going to argue right now. i want to win a national championship and then we'll open that later. >> dana: so the guy is taking a step to get married and he got a registry. they're like oh, you can't get special gifts. they took it down. >> you should get special gifts when you get married. i think the ncaa is under so much scrutiny right now with the push for players to get some form of pay or use their names or whatever. in this situation, he can use a registry and get gifts. this is a little overkill. i understand the letter of the law and you have to follow it. he is clearly getting married. it's not a ruse to get free stuff. >> and did you see the bat flipping thing, bryce harper? are you pro or against the bat flip? >> i love it.
11:58 am
david ortiz, the boston red sox. when he did the flip, i enjoyed it. this flip, he flipped it -- that's like she sees you and you do your style and you have a great job on fox and you flip your hat to them. if i had a bat, i would have flipped it, too. >> dana: and the oakland a's have a class a minor league play. you can pay $5 to select the walkup music. >> yeah, you can get in a player's head. >> dana: what would you choose nor gutfeld? >> maroon 5. i would buy his entire at-bat. >> dana: tyrus, you'll be on "the five" tonight. and the hat has been approved. >> yes, it's been approved. >> dana: you'll be a foot taller
11:59 am
than me with the hat. >> two feet. >> dana: i can't wait. all right. thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: it's been long week for this guy. we help k-9 companions for independence. a new campus in ohio. this will enable the organization to better raise and train puppies to help kids, adults. look at that. veterans with disabilities. you can read all about it on a vietnam war vet is awarded $10,000 to make renovations to his home. doors and moore spent 50 hours on his quincy home. they replayed windows, sidings and fixed his front porch. it was part of the charity operation renovation. the company plans on holding another competition at a retired first responder's home next, which is excellent news. stick around. ed henry is in for shep.
12:00 pm
the president just landed in el central, california. we'll have that live. for now, i'm dana perino. here's ed henry in for shep. >> ed: we'll have the president's comments live as soon as they happen. former vice president joe biden making his first public appearance after several women accused him of inappropriately touching them. he's apologizing but not for anything he did. he's giving his biggest hint yet about the 2020 plans. and drew peterson, a former cop convicting of killing one of his wives. he's suspected of killing another. we'll talk to the prosecutor that put him in prison. now he says he's living the


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